Content Mapping: The Roadmap to Success

To travel smart, you need a road map. That’s only logical. 

It’s why we have Google, Rand McNally, MapQuest and GPS devices at every turn.  To get you  there –  on time and in one piece.

  • A content map­­ that’s aligned with the CEO or strategic agenda.
  • A map that communicates where the business is headed – in easy-to-follow terms.
  • A map that lets employees, customers, partners, investors and media know where you’re going.

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OK, we know … you’re too busy driving the business hard and fast to bother with a map that tracks to a clear, corporate storyline. That’s far too much work. There are too many twists and turns.

So, what if the communications careens a little … runs over something or someone. You’ll send out a Tweet. Post a mea culpa on Facebook. That should cover it.

Or, maybe not.

Look, you’ve got to cover the distance anyway … right? If you’re going to drive long and hard, why not drive smart and stay on the road.

To tell your story with consistency, your content needs to be channeled and controlled. This means:

  • Mapping it with where the business is headed – quarter by quarter, year by year.
  • Ensuring your communications GPS is hardwired to CEO-driven SEO.
  • Measuring the distance and results with metrics/milestones that matter.

That way, you’ll end up where you want to be – and better yet, your stakeholders will know how you got there.