Newsroom Ink: The Perfect Communication Partner

Newsroom Ink partners with clients to develop, protect and build their reputation, as well as their brand. Using a strategic approach we analyze an organizations communication program from 360 degrees so ultimately it engages the organizations wide variety of stakeholders, telling their story with the right message at the right time.

Our content mapping shows the way to achieve the online reputation your company deserves. Using professional journalists to tell your story, Newsroom Ink creates more than a marketing or advertising campaign; it creates a credible voice for your company.

From News Holes to Black Holes

Newsroom Ink keeps your communications on track!

In todays world of social media, everyone is now a publisher – often times wallpapering the infinite black hole of the web with cobbled-together copy or posts just to fill space. Nice try, but it can be all glitz and no guts.

Newsroom Ink’s approach is to align the business to create, manage and communicate your content by:

  • Lining it with your strategic agenda.
  • Mapping it to how your operations run.
  • Producing it in ways to maximize the value.

The dynamic newsroom is a “must have” tool for companies and organizations. A study of online newsrooms by the Corporate Executive Board showed them to be the top channel for disseminating company news stories. In addition, PRSA, IABC, the Bulldog Reporter and social media expert David Meerman Scott have lauded the dynamic online newsroom as “proof of concept” for “corporate” or “brand” journalism.

The journalists of Newsroom Ink trailblazed the development of the dynamic organizational online newsroom. They know how to establish working relationships both within an organization and externally. This close teamwork turns press releases into appealing and legitimate news stories, all illustrated with eye-catching photos and video.

Doing It with Purpose – to Repurpose

The idea is simple: Invent and invest once. Use and profit often.

POEWe put your content – be it paid, owned or earned media – in its proper context. In fact, we do it with purpose to repurpose. Articles are written with a broad view to give your brand a greater voice and reach. We mesh the media – social, mobile and mainstream – extending shelf life and engaging more audiences through integrated news sites … leadership profiles … and business campaigns.

We create a clear line of sight so people see the value in what you do – whether it’s for employees, volunteers, customers, partners, investors or legislators at all levels.

Quite simply, we work to get your news in the room – making links that can get you ink.

Taking it to the Next Level

ISCNewsroom2Newsroom Ink has taken partnership building to the next level. Telling the stories clients need told; written and photographed by award winning journalists giving credibility to the message. In addition Newsroom Ink offers consulting services to help set up a newsroom and provide a comprehensive “communications roadmap” tied to the CEO’s business agenda.

Newsroom Ink is the recognized leader in dynamic online newsrooms and the perfect communication partner. Their team of journalists has the know-how of to work with both non-profit organizations, as well as Fortune 500 companies. The team at Newsroom Ink realizes that communications in no longer about “watching your back,” but instead providing a unique messaging that connects your organization with a wide variety of stakeholders.