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  • Newsroom Ink Launches New Sites For Gulf Seafood Institute

    Continuing to give industries and organizations a greater voice and web presence, Newsroom Ink has launched and staffs a news site for the newly established Gulf Seafood Institute.

  • Tom Mattia - The Art of Storytelling Communications

    Tom Mattia. chairman of Edelman China, and former Coca-Cola as Senior Vice President of global Public Affairs and Communications, has served as the senior communications officer of two Fortune 100 companies, directly counseled four CEOs and managed reputational issues for four major global brands — Coca-Cola, Ford, IBM, and EDS.

  • Imperial Sugar News: From Vendor to Valued Partner

    When Joe Lucas joined Imperial Sugar Company in September 2009, he was asked to transition the industrial sales group from a transactional sales approach to a consultative one – a change that promises to make Imperial a top competitor in the overall sweetener market.

From News Holes to Black Holes

The problem: In a digital world, news holes are black holes – ever-demanding more, fresh content. Feeding the beast is your job.

Slapdash solution: Everyone is now a publisher – often times wallpapering the web with cobbled-together copy just to fill space. Nice try, but it can be all glitz and no guts.

A better approach: Why not align with the business to create, manage and communicate your content? Makes a lot of sense to:

• Line it up with your strategic agenda.
• Map it to how your operations run.
• Produce it in ways to maximize the value.

Doing It with Purpose – to Repurpose

Content EngineThe idea here is simple: Invent and invest once. Use and profit often.

That’s what we do at Newsroom Ink. We put your content – be it paid, owned or earned media – in its proper context. In fact, we do it with purpose to repurpose.

We write stories with a broad view to give your brand a greater voice and reach. We mesh the media – social, mobile and mainstream – extending shelf life and engaging more audiences through integrated news sites … leadership profiles … and business campaigns.

We create a clear line of sight so people see the value in what you do – whether it’s for employees, volunteers, customers, patrons, partners or investors.

Quite simply, we work to get your news in the room – making links that can get you ink.

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