Brand Journalism: Giving Your Company a Credible Voice

Creating a Credible, Sought-after Source

Groundbreaking for Louisiana Sugar Refining's new plant in Gramercy, LA adjacent to existing Imperial Sugar plant. John Sheptor, President and CEO of Imperial Sugar, Alan Willits, President, Business Unit Leader, Cargill Corn Milling North America, Lonn, the groundbreaking media release website, attracted more than 40 journalists to a new Cargill sugar mill groundbreaking ceremony in Gramercy, La. Alan Willits, President, Cargill Corn Milling North America, spent the day being interviewed by members of the media. Photo: Ed Lallo/Newsroom Ink

Whatever the name, it comes down to this: Merging journalism, corporate communications and digital technology to influence your many audiences.

Brand journalism is hardly a new idea. It’s a time-tested communications strategy to position your brand as a credible, sough-after news source. After all, what better source of information than the organization itself … right?

A Journalistic Eye

Telling your story with a journalistic eye offers audiences a unique, insightful perspective – told as only the organization can tell it. Done well, it creates conversations with stakeholders – both old and new.

The idea of content strategy is simple: If people aren’t talking about your company, you really don’t exist. Organizations need meaningful content – compelling videos, photos and stories – to keep readers engaged.

Content that’s newsworthy, inspiring, humorous or just plain interesting entices people to link, share and keep your organization top of mind.

ISCNewsroomIt’s Your Story … Tell It Well

Why is it important to tell your own story?

  • Declining numbers of traditional news outlets, which are producing fewer stories about a company, its industry and marketplace.
  • In the digital world, news holes are now black holes – ever-demanding more, fresh content. Feeding the beast is your job.
  • If you aren’t telling a compelling story, your competitor will fill the space – in your place.

Intel, Cisco and Dell are among the ever-increasing number of companies using brand journalists to tell their stories. They are following the lead of what started at the Imperial Sugar Company.

There, team members from Newsroom Ink helped develop an award-winning, dynamic news site – with content aligned with the CEO agenda. The ISC Newsroom gave the company a greater voice and presence as it rebuilt business in the aftermath of a tragic refinery explosion and fire.