At Newsroom Ink we believe in the power of storytelling brand journalism to create credible, influential news stories for our clients that enhance the reputation of both brand and company. We provide communications and reputation management that achieves a competitive difference for clients through brand journalism – telling the company’s stories on the dynamic newsroom platform.

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Newsroom Ink’s team of seasoned professionals has experience in every aspect of corporate communications.

What is an online newsroom?
It is a new business forum allowing your brand’s story to be actively told by professional journalists from a perspective that only your company can offer.

The online newsroom is the factory that runs your company’s content engine. It is the place to address brand issues and crisis management, marketing and communications, all aligned to the CEOʼs agenda. It is the one place that 24-hours a day local, national and international press can obtain stories, photos, videos and story ideas told from your perspective.

Stories told on this platform go beyond static news or websites. Using Newsroom Ink’s “NEWSMAP”, articles have purpose and focus. They align with the executive agenda and are grounded in the business.

No other agency or newsroom provider has the ability or experience to both build and staff the company newsroom with seasoned reporters telling your brands story from the company’s unique perspective. It’s where employee expertise, customer viewpoints and industry insight are featured – all in one place.

It is the seamless merging of journalism, corporate communications and digital’s interactive technology that connects a company and its brand to their many audiences.

Newsroom Ink’s team of seasoned professionals has experience in every aspect of corporate communications – digital, executive communications, public relations, internal communications, marketing and advertising.

Our team has the unique ability to create value and return on investment for a company, and safeguard its online reputation through compelling articles illustrated with storytelling photography and video.

It is like inviting someone into your house so they can see everything at a glance. The newsroom is a safe, secure platform that creates a two-way conversation around a company and its brand – using traditional and social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.