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by / Newsroom Ink on 06/19/2011

Springfield Lewis (l), new vice president of strategic communications for Newsroom Ink, knows the importance of working closely with both company executives and employees. As a former partner at The News Group Net, Lewis was instrumental in the successful launch of the Imperial Sugar Newsroom, the first newsroom used as an effective crisis communication tool.

by Ed Lallo/Newsroom Ink

Springfield Lewis knows how to tell an interesting story for clients. That’s because he’s a journalist, a corporate communicator and a student of business – many businesses.

His experience spans diverse industries – from defense, public safety, health care, food services, news media and information technology. Lewis likes to get deep into the operations, learning firsthand from leaders and front-line employees how things run, products are made and services delivered.

By doing so, Lewis sees that most organizations have better stories to tell than they’re telling.

He knows how to match up a CEO’s business agenda with relevant editorial content, creating aligned communications and marketing. For organizations both big and small, Lewis turns strategic storytelling into an effective, measurable communications tool. He now brings his proven talents to Newsroom Ink.

Springfield Lewis, formerly director for communications for both EDS and Harris Corporation, joins the journalists at Newsroom Ink as the vice president of strategic communications.

“Springfield is a recognized expert in business communications for FORTUNE 100 companies and other organizations,” says Newsroom Ink founder Ed Lallo.

“His communications and marketing career covers journalism, corporate, online agency and consulting work. He’s done nearly every aspect of communications – from executive speechwriting, internal communications, media relations, crisis communications, brand positioning and sales support. He’s also directed creative and web services.”

Lewis helped develop and drive best practices cited by PRWeek, the International Association of Business Communicators, Melcrum Internal Communications and the Executive Communications Council, part of the Corporate Executive Board. They encompass leadership communications, employee engagement and organizational storytelling – as well as creating strategic content and dynamic online communications.

Lewis is a co-founder of The News Group Net, which created the awarding-winning ISC Newsroom ( for the Imperial Sugar Company. The new website proved instrumental in giving the Sugar Land, Texas, company a powerful voice in the industry – improving its reputation as ISC rebuilt its operations after a tragic refinery explosion and fire.

Taking a journalistic approach, The News Group Net produced credible news stories about Imperial Sugar’s commitment to employees, customers and partners. The coverage highlighted its growth, product innovation and industry leadership in new worker safety and manufacturing processes.

QuoteThese stories offered a more balanced view of ISC’s business in search engine results, which typically had displayed negative reports about the refinery disaster. This “brand journalism,” as it’s called, became a steady source for stories picked up by mainstream media.

“I welcome the opportunity to work again with my former partner at The News Group Net,” says Lewis about Newsroom Ink founder Ed Lallo.

“Life offers but a few opportunities to break new ground and execute real change,” Lewis believes. “Along with former News Group Net partner, David Henderson, we executed ‘proof of concept’ in the use of a dynamic online newsroom staffed by brand journalists at Imperial Sugar. We created credible communications under a business-focused platform. Now, I’m ready to help take that to the next level with Newsroom Ink.”

In the corporate arena, Lewis is a former director of communications for Harris Corporation, a $5B global information technology and communications leader. He also ran an in-house marketing agency and led executive, enterprise and internal communications at EDS, a $21B technology services company that became part of Hewlett-Packard in 2009.

His career includes communications and marketing leadership roles at IBM’s national and global operations in Atlanta and New York. Recently, he spoke at Yale University about the power of organizational storytelling and dynamic online newsrooms.

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