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by / Newsroom Ink on 02/07/2011

by Newsroom Ink Staff

Ed Lallo, founder of Newsroom Ink, is a featured blogger on Social Media Marketing (SMM) Magazine’s website. Lallo addresses the topic of using the online newsroom as the content engine to drive social media.

“The online newsroom is the factory that runs a brand’s content engine. It’s the place to address brand issues, public relations, crisis management, marketing, and communications—all aligned with the CEO’s agenda,” explains Lallo. “It’s the one place that consumers, vendors, and employees—as well as local, national, and international media—can obtain stories, photos, and videos told from your unique perspective, 24 hours per day.”

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Magazine’s features the expertise of marketing leaders from the business, publishing, and academic communities. Using their unique perspectives, SMM Magazine helps companies and organizations navigate the social media maze and emerge with a clear understanding of how to achieve marketing goals by applying effective strategies, tactics, and best practices.

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