Photos: Visually Telling Your Story


Stop. Forget everything you think you know about photos and communicating visually. Forget all those fashionable photo trends with boring acronyms.

The time has come to start effectively communicating visually to your digital audiences.  It is time to increase both interest as well as all-important SEO – search engine optimization.

The name of the game in online corporate photography and visual communications is SEO.  Search engine optimization is designed to raise a site’s ranking and in turn drive readers toward content. Content is king and search engines give sites with fresh content – especially photos and videos – a higher ranking.  Original photos and videos do just that, raising rankings on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Whether you are a PR professional doing a press release, or an internal communicator working on your company internet posts; if you are just adding word after word with no storytelling visuals – then you fail to capitalize on increased exposure and story placement that photos can bring.