From News Holes to Black Holes

The problem: In a digital world, news holes are black holes – ever-demanding more, fresh content. Feeding the beast is your job.

Slapdash solution: Everyone is now a publisher – often times wallpapering the web with cobbled-together copy just to fill space. Nice try, but it can be all glitz and no guts.

A better approach: Why not align with the business to create, manage and communicate your content? Makes a lot of sense to:

• Line it up with your strategic agenda.
• Map it to how your operations run.
• Produce it in ways to maximize the value.

Doing It with Purpose – to Repurpose

Content EngineThe idea here is simple: Invent and invest once. Use and profit often.

That’s what we do at Newsroom Ink. We put your content – be it paid, owned or earned media – in its proper context. In fact, we do it with purpose to repurpose.

We write stories with a broad view to give your brand a greater voice and reach. We mesh the media – social, mobile and mainstream – extending shelf life and engaging more audiences through integrated news sites … leadership profiles … and business campaigns.

We create a clear line of sight so people see the value in what you do – whether it’s for employees, volunteers, customers, patrons, partners or investors.

Quite simply, we work to get your news in the room – making links that can get you ink.

Who We Serve:


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