Brand Journalism: Some of Our Favorite Stories

Spinal Cord Injury Patients Conquer Fear One Step at a Time at Seton Recovery Center
Health News Texas | July 9, 2012
by Ed Lallo

For spinal cord injury patients ‘fear’ is a part of everyday life, especially the fear that they may never have the life they once enjoyed. As a quadripertic Daniel Curtis faces that fear daily from his wheelchair, but trust in a recently installed rehabilitation system at the Seton Brain & Spine Recovery Center has displaced the fear and drives him on a mission to walk once again. Read Full Story Here!

E-Bra, A Life Saving Two Cup Recipe for Radiation Exposure
Health News Texas | Jan 20, 2012
by Ed Lallo

When the Chernobyl nuclear power plant ruptured in Ukraine in 1986, Dr. Elena Bodnar was brought in to treat victims of radiation poisoning and to study the consequences of radiation exposure. Read Full Story Here!

Southern-Cross_0351Southern Cross Seafood Farms, Shining Star of Gulf Farm-Raised Clams
Gulf Seafood News | June 28, 2016
by Ed Lallo

Traveling the two-lane highway leading onto Cedar Key, Southern Cross Sea Farms stands as a shining star for lovers of great seafood. Their alter piled high with some of the best tasting clams raised and harvested in the Gulf of Mexico.  Read Full Story Here!

Tom Mattia – The Art of Storytelling Communications
Be Heard Austin | April 15,2012
by Ed Lallo

Tom Mattia, former Global Head of Communications for Coke and EDS and Chief Communications Officer at Yale University, sat down with Ed Lallo of Newsroom Ink to discuss public relations and communications before heading to China as the new chairman of Edelman China. Read Full Story Here!

Motorola-Medical-lWireless Technology Saves Lives and Money for Heathcare Providers
Health News Texas | July 7, 2016
by Ed Lallo

The 13-year-old boy watched frantically from the bank of the Colorado River as his dad struggled to free himself from the flood-swollen waters. Clutching his cell phone the boy dialed 9-1-1. When the dispatcher answered, she tried to get him to relay the location of the location of his party on the river, but the boy had no idea. Fortunately, he didn’t have to. Read Full Story Here!


Boustany4Seafood Important Part Of Louisiana Congressman Boustany’s Heritage
Gulf Seafood News | Jan 14, 2016
by Ed Lallo

n the U.S. Congress, Dr. Charles William Boustany, Jr. has always been a champion for the Gulf seafood community.  The five-term Congressman serving south central Louisiana grew up with Gulf seafood playing an important part of his family life, and he works tirelessly to ensure that it remains an important part of Louisiana and the Gulf’s culture. Read Full Story Here!