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Working Hard to Tell Your Story

The Newsroom Ink team knows how to tell your story. We work to give your communications “legs,” looking to deliver a better ROI for your paid, owned and earned media.

LaSeafood-Acme Oyster1 Our team of journalists have real-time experience working as reporters, photographers and videographers for award winning publications. We create and package with a purpose – always with an eye to repurpose.  After all, isn’t the idea to invent and invest once … and then use and profit often?

Only the staff of Newsroom Ink has a proven track record with successes featured as best practice in a report by the Communications Executive Council. There are other’s that build newsrooms, but none building your reputation with a staff of brand journalists doing what they do best, telling your story from your unique perspective.

Our journalist are directly involved in gathering your companies information. They conduct interviews, find sources, and pull together all the information needed to write a well-rounded news story.   Our reporters turn this information into news stories that are interesting to a wide variety of audiences.

These stories are then published on your online newsroom, the factory that runs your organization’s content engine.  It’s now becomes the place to address industry issues, manage crisis communications, showcase business expertise and advance market position – ensuring that everything is aligned with your strategic agenda.