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by / Newsroom Ink on 01/02/2012

by Newsroom Ink Staff

Newsroom Ink announces the launch of a  new medical and health news site. is designed to give insight into the stories and opinions of healthcare providers, executives, educators, politicians, corporations and humanitarian organizations involved in providing the best possible healthcare for patients in Texas and around the world.

The medical news site will focus on health care stories and issues from around the state of Texas, with a special emphasis on Central Texas. It will feature stories, photos and videos produced by the journalists of Newsroom Ink, as well as accept contributor’s stories that are of interests to the Texas health care community.

A high priority will be placed on medical editorials and 21st Century thought-leadership articles.

“We felt with today’s information overload, that it was important to have a newsroom filled with current, relative, interesting and even humorous information on the field of medicine and healthcare,” explained Ed Lallo, founder of reputation management agency Newsroom Ink. “The team at Newsroom Ink is committed to making important health information and stories available to Texans, and readers around the world.”

Stories told on this new dynamic online newsroom platform go far beyond traditional static newsrooms. Newsroom Ink will create a strategic news plan aligned to the industry. This can be visualized as a communications triangle – the seamless merging of journalism, corporate communications and digital’s interactive technology that connects a brand to its many audiences.

As the economic condition has soured worldwide, pro-bono health care becomes an all-important topic. Healthcare providers, corporations and non-profit institutions that provide this service to Texans and the worldwide community are encouraged to regularly join the conversation.

Medical research and education from Texas academic institutions are a high priority for the newsroom, with special interested placed on the new initiative by Austin movers and shakers to create a University of Texas medical center in the heart of the city.

Some of the technical features of Health News Texas will include high-resolution photos for download by media and an embedded video feed highlighting the latest healthcare videos from around the state. Google news feeds will feature the latest medical news from Central Texas, Texas and the nation.

Designed by Newsroom Ink’s VP of Technology Tony Cecala, Ph.D., is a safe, secure platform that creates a two-way conversation using traditional and social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Whether you are a patient; work in the healthcare and medical fields; are involved through a company, educational institution or non-profit; is the new news site you will want to visit regularly and become actively involved in the Texas Healthcare conversation.


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