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by / Newsroom Ink on 08/26/2011

Analysis by Springfield Lewis, Newsroom Ink’s VP of Strategic Communication, of the recently released Oriella Digital Journalism Study is featured on today’s Bulldog Reporter’s Daily’Dog. The study concluded that PR is best suited to “own” digital media, shows an increasing trend by worldwide journalist to use online news tools.

Springfield Lewis, Newsroom Ink’s VP of Strategic Communication, working on Imperial Sugar Newsroom.

The Oriella Digital Journalism Study is an annual survey of journalists carried out by the Oriella PR Network, a leading global alliance of independent technology PR agencies.

Springfield Lewis, a recognized expert in business communications for FORTUNE 100 companies and other organizations, has a career spanning journalism, corporate, online agency and consulting work – including Director of Worldwide Communications for both EDS and Harris Corporation.

“Storytelling remains the key element of communication. The proliferation of channels makes a single, clear storyline — communicated effectively in text, video and images — more important than ever. Brands must ensure their message does not get lost in its delivery,” said Lewis. “Effective monitoring and containment strategies are vital for communicators to protect corporate reputations. The study found that with the rapid dissemination of digital information, brands must be ready to enter conversations they do not ‘own.’”

One key objective of the Oriella Digital Journalism Study is to chart the growing impact of online media. Slightly less than half of the media surveyed said that approximately 60% of their online work was new, not repurposed from traditional media — up more than 10% from the 2008 study.

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