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by / Newsroom Ink on 05/26/2011

Newsroom Ink continues to be recognized as the strategic thought leader on the topics of  brand journalism and online newsrooms. For the second time in two weeks, Bulldog Reproter’s Daily’Dog has selected a Newsroom Ink post written by Ed Lallo for its PR and Issues Column.

A recent PR measurement article posted on Newsroom Ink “PR Measurement Doesn’t Lie: It Just Doesn’t Always Tell the Whole Truth”, is featured in on the May 26th issue.

In a recent PRSA seminar on measurement led by Shonali Burke, ABC, attendees were informed that there are two kinds of measurement; bad measurement and good measurement. In reality, careful study of best practices shows that measurement numbers are never intended to tell the whole story – only a specific part over a specified period of time.

The measurement process is all about questions. Questions answered, and those left unanswered. In the end, good measurement must provide answers to the collected data – good or bad. It must also be able to connect the objectives with results, and show how they relate to the strategy of the brand.

PR agencies allocate between five to ten percent of a clients budget toward measurement costs. In the real world of shrinking corporate PR budgets, measurement has become more of a luxury than a standard.

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  1. John Steward says:

    Do you have any examples of professional, corporate, online newsrooms that your company NewsroomInk has done? I’m not talking about ISC or Louisiana Seafood, but anything else?

    • Ed Lallo says:

      John, thank you for your question. During the next month, Newsroom Ink will launch a newsroom for an international non-profit specializing in providing medical relief and medical equipment repair training for underdeveloped nations. In addition, in Newsroom Ink will soon launch a newsroom for a Texas hospital system. The journalists of Newsroom Ink have also been engaged in project work for Fortune 500 companies, Mid-Cap international companies as well as a number of non-profit organizations.

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